February 27, 2008

We are now on a little frog kick around here. Part of it is due to the recent increase in the frog population in our back yard and part of it is due to a recent visit to the new frog house at the zoo. So we are now reading, drawing, and photographing frogs. The little green ones (like in the photo) are the same ones I have such vivid memories of as a child. Sitting in our bathtub each night watching a disturbing little life cycle take place in the window above the tub... little green frogs being eaten by a snake in the tree next to the window. Not sure why the frogs continued to congregate in that spot each night, but they did. I wonder if my kids will have vivid memories of the little green frogs hopping on them as they went down the slide today?

This is Noah's drawing of a frog catching a fly
And Camille's drawing. One of the first drawings she has ever named. Titled "Froggy".

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