February 18, 2008

Since both of my children are deprived of traditional baby books (we have journals for each of them, but none of the charts or fancy entries or photos), this blog is part of our way of taking note. Here are some recent exchanges with Noah:

Noah: Mama, tell me again why you do those things to help people and the kids who need families?
L: You mean why did I become a social worker?
Noah: Yes.
L: Because I like helping people.
Noah: (long pause) I really wish you had been a builder instead.

Last week when making Valentines, I leaned over Noah's shoulder to see what he was drawing. He proudly explained that he had made a drawing of a man in a dungeon and a big pile of poop. Before I could say anything, he followed it up with "you told me to make something that Cole would like". Cole (also five years old) seemed very appreciative. Seems that Hallmark should take a hint...instead of doing all the junky character cards they should switch to bodily functions.

And finally this evening I heard this little exchange between Noah and Adam. Noah was being sent to his room for a little time-out:

A: I don't appreciate your sassiness.
N: I know, but I wish you did!
Jessica said...

LOVE that last exchange!!! It made me laugh out loud. Aren't kids crack ups? Sometimes. ;)

Anonymous said...

The last exchange made me laugh out loud too. What a hoot Noah is!


the clan mccawley said...

I think Noah and Eva might be cosmically related.
Love the chair pics!

Morena said...

ROTFLMAO! That Noah is something else!!

Laurie said...


They're all funny...but the last one is a RIOT. What a clever little man you have there! :-)

See you Saturday!

Heather said...

Oh Lucia, those are great! My dad kept a card file of funny things my siblings and I would say, and he'd bring it out every now and then for birthdays when we were older and read a few off to the gathering. Those little snippets are such treasures!

Ben, Ericka, Julian, Molly and Chloe said...

i think that is my all time favorite kid quote! good stuff!

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