Sunny Hearts

February 11, 2008

Noah and I have had fun making these sun catcher hearts for Valentine's Day. We were inspired by the recent Martha Stewart Kids craft book (actually lots of nice craft projects using recycled materials). Here's the link if you want to try some.

Kellie said...

I did this today! We had a day off school and I was watching several younger children and your post inspired me! Thanks for the idea and for bringing back sweet memories from crafty times with my own children. Happy Valentine's day!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Glad you had fun! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family, too!

Weasel said...

I have been blog absent for awhile, but am now back in the saddle. Your is one I always enjoy!

This is such a great craft! I had done this a few years back with some girlfriends, and what a great idea to do with the kids.

Looks like you guys have enough to make any window look festive. What fun, and thanks for all the information on encouraging art with children. With so many fine arts programs being cut from schools today, I am always worried that my kids won't be exposed to enough. Thanks again for all your insight.

Kelly said...

Ooh. I can't wait to make these with my son. Check out my blog:

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