Hide and Seek

February 26, 2008

There are some games that never lose their appeal (Candyland is not one of those games...it gets old very quickly!), yet we seem to stop playing them. I would like to propose the revival of the favorite childhood game "Hide and Seek". Why did I ever stop playing this? Seriously, it is a good game. I hadn't played since I was a kid and spent hours hiding and seeking with my cousins, but in the past year we have begun to play a lot of Hide and Seek in our house and I LOVE it. Seriously. My heart starts pounding as I search for the perfect spot. I laugh when one of the kids discovers a new hiding spot that would never have occurred to me. I feel victorious when they have a hard time finding me (ok maybe I shouldn't admit that, but it's true). It is a game that appeals to all ages and can pretty much be played any where. So why aren't there Hide and Seek tournaments? Hide and Seek games in all of the local parks? If you think I am totally nuts (which I guess is possible), go and try it. Round up your kids or even better a bunch of adult friends and start hiding and seeking.
The Solley Five said...

i totally agree. please start a meet up for ultimate hide and seek! we can host it in my giant new place in case of rain.

Heather said...

We just played this all weekend at my parents house. THey recently built a new house with all sorts of fun hiding places. It is truly one of the best games ever. Luc and I liked hiding in the panrty the best because we could snack on my moms beloved chocolate covered cashews while hiding.:-)

Anonymous said...

Judson hides in the same place every time. And then Sawyer follows me around and gives me away. The best thing is all my kids have learned to count to 20 by playing this game. They call it Hide and Seek 20.


Heather said...

Definitely a favorite around here. Even in a 750 square foot apartment with the rain coming down outside, we still manage to have a blast. It really does make me feel like a kid again. :)

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