A year ago today

January 10, 2007

Tonight Noah gave Camille a big hug and said "look how much she has grown". It was a sweet moment made even sweeter by the fact that exactly a year ago today we accepted her referral. That memorable phone call sent us into an excited frenzy...getting her room ready, daydreaming about holding our baby girl, deciding on a name, trying to prepare Noah, making travel plans, and sharing our happy news with everyone we knew.We were so excited about our new baby girl...two months old and waiting for us in Taiwan. At that point there were still many things we didn't know. We still hadn't seen her photograph so we didn't know she would have the cutest cheeks on earth or those big brown make-your-heart-melt eyes. We didn't know that she would be such a happy, mellow, huggable little girl. We didn't know how much joy and laughter she would bring to our lives, but we did know that we already loved her
Sherry said...

What a difference a year makes! Just wanted to say I love the blog & seeing the beautiful pictures of your family & cant wait to see what the "Year of the Pig" brings for you guys!

The Hauns said...

Lucia...WOW, this gave me chills! What a difference a year makes and how special it is to look back on those milestones!

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