Toliets and New York

January 21, 2007

Today while I was cleaning the bathrooms I listened to a long phone message from my dad. He is currently in New York City inhaling the culture, the art, and the big city views. I quickly called him back to express my jealousy and to live vicariously through his descriptions. Oh to be in a big city surrounded by bustle, different languages, and walking distance to anything and everything....that would be so much better than scrubbing toliets. I had to control my overwhelming urge to drop the phone, grab a flight, and have dinner in the city. Doesn't that sound like a good movie...desperate housewife flees dirty toliets to see the Big City? Alright, probably not a great movie but it was a good fantasy for today. I have one bathroom left to tackle so I had better get that done before that urge to flee hits again.
the clan mccawley said...

I just caught on a month of blog reading for you & yours! I know your frustration, as I've been going through it with Eva. Focusing on the positive is my survival technique too. The kids are growing so much, it makes me sad to realize I'll not see much of it! If you decide to leave the toilets behind, I might just meet ya there.
Miss ya!

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