January 27, 2007

On Thursday, Camille and I had a playdate with Dominick and his mom, Lori. Dominick and Camille were at Cathwel together in Taiwan. It was so much fun to meet them and to watch the kids playing...both so happy, healthy, and big! Wonderful to see these beautiful Taiwanese babies being re-connected halfway around the world nearly a year after their adoptions. We are looking forward to lots more playdates!

The Solley Five said...

oh, i'm just crying after reading your last entry and seeing these pictures. your story is so incredible and beautiful and i am so mad at the random shoppers who think they can approach anyone without thought as if your family is not a complete miracle. i always think of my blog (yours.. and others) as little parts of our life and my thoughts on it at the time...i think of the kids reading it when i'm old and as they're raising their own children and to see what i was like as a 'new-ish' mom. and all i could think, as i was reading, was Noah and Camille reading this and realizing that this was a part of your (their) days/life that they weren't aware of at the time. i LOVE the bliss and freedom that kids have at this age...before judgment/stereotypes/roles have made much of an impact on their i trying to shelter them...well, yes i am! i'd like it if that stage had lasted beyond age 5 for me! and then this pictures..this so happy and sweet, i'm glad you posted this...and glad i read them together.

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