Winter Walk

January 16, 2007

A beautiful, sunny, 70degree day in idea of a nice winter day! A happy family outing complete with a successful letterbox find (after fighting off the snake guarding the hiding spot). Lots of lizards sunning themselves. Two tired out kids. And a blister from foolishly wearing flip-flops. A good day for a winter walk.
Jessica said...

Ha ha, I guess you never changed your time stamp from Okinawa time to FL time. I had a small panic attack "How can it be Wednesday? What happened to Tuesday? Did I miss my doctor's appointment?" ;)

Looks like a beautiful day! I'm certainly jealous (currently 35 degrees here).

The Solley Five said...

All of this is so wonderful! the sibling one makes me want to have 10 kids again, like I did 3 years ago. I love the gentle eye poking. I love reading your blog- you are so good at noticing the joy of everyday!
thanks for sharing.

Ann said...

Isn't it great!! Of course it's gonna get cold again this week. No wonder my nose is in protest. Geeez

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