Building Blocks

January 21, 2007

I feel a little guilty about posting my frustration with Noah. He is a wonderful little guy and I know that some of this behavior is developmental and part of it is a reaction to changes in the last few weeks with our travels and Adam's return to work. So I feel the need to focus on some of the positives since I have recently spent more time feeling frustrated by his behavior. One thing that I have really been enjoying with Noah are his block creations. He loves to build these elaborate neighborhoods and streets for his matchbox cars. And I have to admit that I also love working on them with him. There is something so amazing about wooden blocks that appeal to all ages (are there building blocks in nursing homes? there should be!). There are endless possiblities for creating houses, roads, sculpture, etc. And it is so satisfying to see something physically emerge and then also nice to knock it down and start over. I have been cleaning out a lot of things lately including toys and I realize that Noah's needs (but proably all kids) are pretty basic..trains, tracks, matchbox cars, blocks, puzzles, and books. And yet stores are filled with tons of crap...noisy plastic dust collectors that don't allow for any creative or imaginative play. Watching Noah put all of his focus into building streets and structures makes me happy. Happy to see his intensity, his creativity, and his joy.
Ann said...

Wow he did a great job. He's a creative little fella!!

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