January 21, 2007

We had a good time at the zoo today, but I found myself comparing Noah to the wild animals and realizing that they are better behaved than he has been recently. Seriously, he is driving us crazy and I am starting to wonder if we will survive this stage. My mom has always said the terrible twos was misnamed; it should the be the terrible threes. But now that Noah is quickly approaching four I dread to think what four will be like. His intense engergy, curiosity, sassiness, and sensitivity make for a dramatic combination and some of his recent tantrums have been pretty dramatic. At times he seems to be possessed and I wonder if exorcism exists for Jewish children? It takes so much energy to be calm, consistent, and patient with him these days. Luckily in the midst of the current chaos (ie wild animal training) there are moments of tenderness and I have hope that we will all emerge from this phase relatively unscathed.
Anonymous said...

Weird. I just had a dream about a gorilla. And then I see your blog!

kiwintaiwan said...

we are going through similar stuff with Josh so dont worry your not alone. But arent they still great even when you want to pull out your hair!!!

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