January 14, 2007

Noah and Camille are both at a very busy stage of building their vocabularies. It is interesting to see these bursts of growth. Noah is curious about all new words that he encounters and seems to constantly be asking "what does it mean?". I recently took him to see Charlotte's Web and he spent most of the movie asking about the words "what does languishing mean? salutations? radiant?" Camille is quickly adding to her signing and spoken vocabulary. Her favorite spoken words are ball, more,dog, milk, dada, book and oh-oh. I love watching her sign the words for cat (pulling on her hair instead of pretend wiskers by the side of her mouth) and bird (she gets so excited when seeing a bird and her fingers frantically make the sign much like a baby bird begging for worms...opening and quickly closing her fingers like a beak). One of the things I love most about having kids is seeing the world all over again through their eyes and the daily reminders of how exciting it is to learn new things.

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