You've Got Mail

July 6, 2006

Here is how the mail is delivered in Japan.

When I lived on mainland Japan (1995-1996), I would listen for the sputtering sound of the postman on his bike in hopes of getting mail. That was during the wonderful year of courtship when phone calls were too expensive and e-mail didn't exist (in rurual Japan)...Adam and I wrote a lot of letters. It was such a good way to get to know each other. I am glad the internet and e-mail exist, but I have to admit that old fashioned mail is still much more thrilling and personal.
Ann said...

too funny

Rie said...

I remember that you told me about writing a letter to Adam in the US every day when you were here in Amagi.It was a sweet activity even for me. To hear the mailcarrier stop his motorcycle just in front of your apartment must be really thrilled! Now you're MOM and DAD with two KIDS. Wow!!!

lillian said...

August 2,2006

Amy Butler is here in New Orleans. Hooray - she looks great!
So we pulled up your blog so we could look at all the great pictures.See you soon! love, lillian

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