Family Slideshow

July 26, 2006

Funny to see how "slideshows" have evolved with new technology. I love the new ways of doing digital slideshows, but I have to admit that I also still enjoy the old fashioned Morgan slideshows that continue to be an important family ritual. I love the smell of the slides, picking out favorites with my dad, loading them in the trays, watching the images pop up on the big white screen and reliving those magical family moments as well the embarrassing ones.We hope you will enjoy this more "modern" slideshow of our family. We had a wonderful photographer come to our home in April to document some special moments for our new family of four. Click on this link to view the slideshow and then click on the saperstein icon: And for those who live in Okinawa, here is a link to Amy's website

Ann said...

The slideshow is awesome. How'd you do that? I love Camilles cheeks, just want to pinch them. And my favorite one of Noah is the picture of everyone by the tree and he is playing with your hair. I just thought that was soooo sweet. Good luck on your renovations and the move. It's coming soon.

The Solley Five said...

You guys could totally be picture frame models! The pics looked great, we miss you guys.

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