Battling Beetles

July 12, 2006

A popular summer time activity for Japanese kids is catching bugs, especially enormous beetles. Every summer the stores are stocked with bug catching supplies (nets, bug houses), t-shirts with big beetles, and even inflatable pool toys shaped like beetles. The parks are filled with kids and their bug hunting gear.

We haven't found any of these cool beetles in our yard but we were happy to discover these big mechanical beetles at a local arcade.

kiwintaiwan said...

I know Josh would just love the beetles , funny about Noah and the cows etc, Josh thought cows were elephants and sheep were kangaroos when we took him back to nz for the first time .... funny what you take for granted aye

Ann said...

That looks like so much fun

rie said...

I never understand boy's interest!
Eisuke still likes BEETLES♪♪♪

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