More medical issues, more stress

July 12, 2006

As if we didn't have enough stress in our lives (moving, renovating a kitchen from overseas, finalizing an adoption, etc) we now have a few medical things to take care of when we arrive in Jacksonville. Camille did not pass her second hearing exam yesterday. We got a little more information with the second test. Her left ear and ear drum seem to be fine, but the right side is not responsive. She will have a third test in early August and if that shows similar results she will need further evaluation in Jacksonville including a test under sedation. She may also need to have tubes since she has had several ear infections. She can hear and respond to sound, but it seems that she may have some hearing loss in the right ear. We are hoping the third test will tell us a little more.

Noah will need eye surgery when we get to Jacksonville. We knew this was probably going to be the case, but now it looks like it will need to happen sooner rather than later. His left eye wanders, especially when he is tired or "zoning" out. We have been watching it for almost a year now and he has had regular appointments to monitor it but it continues to get worse. I hate that he will need surgery, but the concern is that if the weaker eye is not repaired he will favor the dominant eye and eventually lose vision in the left eye.

And two days ago, I finally went to the dentist and found out I cracked my back tooth and will need a crown. I started having pain before our trip to Taiwan but in the midst of all the craziness I kept putting off a visit to the dentist. Note to self, do not postpone dental appointments. Unfortunatedly, they can not take care of it in Okinawa because it takes at least six weeks to have the crown made in the States and sent here. So I will need to find a dentist soon as we arrive...anyone know a good dentist in Jacksonville?

Ann said...

Hope you survived the typhoon. Sorry to hear about all the medical stuff. But rest assured if they need to be under sedation at the childrens hospital I will be their nurse, okay?

rie said...

When I brought up three children,I had to face some physical problems.
Depending on their symptoms we had to make choices what to do.Sometime we wad to make haste,sometime we've chosen the way to wait more.
I hope everything will get better!

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