What's a peach?

July 12, 2006

A few days ago Noah wanted to know what I feeding Camille. When I said "peaches" (pureed baby food) he looked puzzled and said "what's a peach?". It hit me then that he really did not know since we haven't had peaches in three years. Well, that's not exactly true. We do occasionally get them flown on to the island but they are VERY expensive and usually not very good. It reminded me of one of our first trips back to Louisiana when Noah was so amazed by cows and horses...something he had never seen in Okinawa, but something I grew up seeing all of the time. So one of the first things we will be doing when we return to the States is going to a grocery store or a farmer's market and buying peaches!

But here are some photos of things we have loved eating while in Okinawa

Okinawa Soba...a big bowl of soup,noodles, vegetables, and slurpling is required
Stir fried beef with lots of wonderful little side dishes
One of Noah's favorite meals...Japanese curry and rice presented as a children's meal. Just about every Japanese restaurant we have ever eaten in has these fabulous children's meals complete with fun dishes, little spoons, chopsticks, and even toys at the end of the meal. Noah loves eating out because of this special treatment and we love it because the kids meals are usually a great mix of veggies and other yummy things not the typical American kids meal of chicken nuggets and fries.
Ann said...

all that food looks so good. Did you learn how to make some of that stuff.

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