Blue Angel Fever!

July 15, 2006

There's been a lot of celebrating on our little street. Our neighbor and friend, Drew (Sydney, Zoe,and Hayden's Daddy) has been selected as a pilot for The Blue Angels! He will be flying "Fat Albert", the C-130 plane. We are so excited and proud! We are also VERY happy that they will be moving to Florida and can't wait to spend some fun weekends together. If you want to learn more about The Blue Angels or their current schedule, visit their website

Here are some photos from last summer when Drew gave our playgroup a tour of his C-130 here in Okinawa. The kids loved it and it was also obvious that Drew loves his plane and loves flying. Way to go Drew!
Ann said...

I grew up around air stations, so I always loved watching the blue angels. It's always an exciting show.

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