Wrapping and Unwrapping

December 3, 2009

Hanukkah packages are finally in the mail and headed to California. Now starting on Christmas presents to fill the boxes headed to Louisiana. Noah keeps changing his wish list. Camille is just focused on her one wish for pink legos. And we are having lots of conversations about the fact that Santa doesn't come to our house. It's a big issue when you are six years old and the only Jewish kid in the entire school. Lots of layers to wrap and unwrap with care.
Rachel Cotterill said...

I guess that must be hard for them to understand, I'm sure as a child I thought of Santa as a secular concept, quite separate from any Christian aspects of Christmas. All the best with your explanations.

boatbaby said...

It is difficult. I grew up in a very Jewish neighborhood and it was hard on the Christian kids around age 13 when they were the only 3 or 4 kids who didn't have a Bar Mitzvah.

Mom2Isabel said...

Interesting comment by Rachel. I, too, think of Santa as more of a secular concept.

"Lots of layers to wrap and unwrap with care."Your way with words is just lovely. I love this line.

aimee said...

we have a first grader in the same boat! if you keep making your traditions special and sacred, just like you're doing with your beautiful wrapping, no doubt your kids will pick up on that, and they will know that even if they do things differently from the others, their way is just as wonderful.

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