December List

December 29, 2009

A few things keeping us entertained during this holiday season.

For Laughter:
A Very Special Sedaris Christmas.
For Warmth and Coolness:
Take a look at this. Wouldn't it be a good addition to the backyard?
For Family Fun:
Quadrilla and Bananagrams
For Reading:
NPR's Best Books of 2009

For Amazement:
Starling formations. We witnessed this for the first time this past weekend. Mesmerizing and surreal.

For Creation and Collaboration:
World Beach Project. Be sure to check out the world map.
For Inspiration and Motivation:
Getting ready to start a new year of color + color on flickr.
Cami said...

Color+color sounds awesome. And we LOVE bananagrams. Very fun.

Juniper said...

What a great list!!!! Can't wait to check out all the links! BTW Big fan of Sedaris.

Jeannette said...

That starling video is really remarkable, thanks for sharing. Thanks for all the cool things you share on your blog!

Somehow I happened upon your blog more than a few months ago, and then I figured out we've met. Do you remember that service project in Chicago in the early 90s? I came from the school in Newton. Anyway, I live in Maine now and stay at home with my two young boys and have loved reading your blog. Sicily seems like a pretty amazing place to live!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Jeannette! How wonderful to hear from you. Ofcourse, I remember that summer and often dream about trying to do something similar now that we are all "grown-up".Wouldn't that be fun? An Alum service there anything like that already? Would love to catch up more. Please send me an e-mail via my blogger profile. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Juniper said...

Ah the starlings! I lived in Brighton England for seven years before coming to Malta and we used to love taking walks along the sea front at dusk as the starlings would begin their dance, so like a swarm of bees tipping, turning and swooping, truly mesmerising.

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