Sheep and Wolves

December 2, 2009

Ever since Camille has learned to sing the Baa-Baa Black Sheep song she has had her own endearing version of it. I am writing it down here since I have a feeling it will change soon. All it will take will be one person pointing out her "mistake" and then that version will be gone. I would like to think that I will always remember her version, but we recently watched some old baby videos of Noah and all of sudden I realized that I had forgotten one of Noah's first "words". So glad we had it on video: "minga, minga". It didn't have any specific meaning but he loved the sound of it and would repeat it to himself throughout the day, every day. I loved it so much and yet I had totally forgotten about it. And here's another Noah word that I still remember and still love but should record before I forget it: "dribbling" (in place of drizzling rain).

So here is Camille's version of the song:

Baa,Baa Black Sheep. Do you have any wolves?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Three bags full.
One for my master, One for my dame, and one for
the little boy who lives down the lane.

Wolves in place of wool. It always makes me smile. Probably just a silly mama thing but with the current state of my mind I feel the need to record it before it is gone. I seem to be in a constant state of disorganization lately. Lost my little black book where I keep all of my lists, phone numbers, etc. Always seem to be running late and not surprisingly all of the Hanukkah packages I meant to wrap, pack, and ship weeks ago still aren't done (sorry they will be late!). This time of year always makes me feel a little frantic and I crave simplicity and organization more than ever. Working hard to re-gain some sense of that this week so I can really enjoy the holidays without feeling stressed to the max. So in light of that it may seem even sillier to take the time to write this post when I should be decorating (Hanukkah starts next week and we still have turkeys and pumpkins hanging around), but actually it does make me feel a little better. It is a good reminder to myself to stop in the midst of the holiday frenzy and to focus on the little things that make life good. Like wolves and dribbling. Eggnog, latkes, and fresh oranges. Stories of miracles and hope. And candles. And homemade cards. And hot cocoa.
likeschocolate said...

So sweet! Happy Holidays!

boatbaby said...

I love her version of the song. I wrote down many sweet word mix ups like that and I made the mistake the other night of digging up those writings and reading them. Oh the tears. I will be a wreck when this boy strikes out on his own :)

As for Hanukkah, we're dreadfully behind too. I stayed up last night packing up Hanukkah gifts to ship to family & PROMISED myself I will try to have them out the door by end of the week. Good luck!

morninglight mama said...

I love her version-- bags full of wolves. What more could a black sheep ask for? :)

I hear you about the chaos of this time of year, which only seems to make me want to do less and less as an escape!! I admire your ability to rise above it, though, and find peaceful things (like this!) to acknowledge and appreciate.

Emily said...

That's so sweet. I think you'll be happy you took a few seconds to write her poem down.

Sorry you've been feeling so stressed lately. Make yourself a cup of cocoa and peel one of those oranges. It's a miraculous winter cure-all!

Theresa said...

I have books for each of my kids containing all of the funny, adorable things they said since when they started talking. I would never remember them unless I wrote them down.

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