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December 8, 2009

Art Group Week 2 (last week): Cookies by Amy Rosenthal and Cinnamon Applesauce Dough After reading Cookies, we measured 1/2 cup cinnamon and 1/2 cup applesauce into ziplock bags for each child to mash and work with their hands until doughy. Encouraged them to play with the dough before introducing a few simple "tools" (bottle tops, chopsticks, old marker tops). And finally added cookie cutters which we used to cut out shapes for ornaments, decorated them, and set aside to dry until our next art gathering. A very sweet-smelling and tactile morning at art group.
Mom2Isabel said...

Oh my goodness!
I know what I'LL be doing with La Princesa.
She just saw the pictures and wants to make some of these.
Me too!
I can't imagine how glorious they smell.
Early Hanukkah Wishes to all of you.
We miss you!
Laureen and Isabel
PS Still need your address. : )

Anonymous said...

love it.
Thanks for the idea.

Lost in Sicily said...

Who knew mixing these two ingredients together could make such amazing results! We will have to try this one soon (and I love the idea of an art group, too, you make it seem easy :)).

likeschocolate said...

Looks like everyone had a great time and I am sure it smelt sweet!

Juniper said...

Wow- what an interesting combination. Looks great, like that you used all sorts of 'printing' tools. Will have to try this! You sound like kindred spirits, travelling with kids. Including art and the handmade. Thanks for visiting C&O and I look forward to visiting you blog again!

aimee said...

your blog is such a delightful find! i am so fascinated by your family's cultural mosaic!

Stacy Kadesh said...

LOVE the gingerbread dough. Always made that with the Kindergartners! I am thinking of you all a lot. Lucia, I know you have your hands (and head) full. I am sending my prayers to your friends.

Please wish the kids a Happy Chanukah from all of us. I sent some things from Amazon and got shipping confirmation yesterday, but it looks like the shipment was split into two, so maybe wait until the second one arrives before distributing. Wishing you all Light and Miracles!

Anonymous said...

We're making ornaments tomorrow. The recipe I had said add white glue to the other stuff. Do you think I need it?


Anonymous said...

Made 'em. Kids had a great time.


Laurie said...

Oh my GOSH! I agree with Laureen - sounds like a fun weekend thing for the shortcake and mommy!

Anonymous said...

so much fun! thanks for sharing!

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