Morning Walk

December 13, 2009

Just the right thing for sad hearts and antsy feet. Through the olive grove, past the orange orchard and out into the open field. Chomping on "sour flowers" (yellow clover blossoms blanketing the orange groves right now), discovering new pieces of nature, running, stopping to feed the horses, climbing a few trees and then heading home.A good way to spend Sunday morning. Thank you for the comforting words and thoughts.
Stacy said...

Thank you for the gifts!!! They all arrived on the fist night of Chanukah! You are GOOD! I can't wait to start cooking with the italian ingredients, Brooke is in love with the fairy supplies, and the Sarah and Lauren are busy purchasing songs that Rob and I are sure to hate! No, really their musical tastes are surprisingly good. I hope our packages arrive soon and that you are having a special Chanukah with the kids and Adam.
Lots of love from California!

Emily said...

What beautiful, though melancholy, pictures. I'm glad you guys got out for awhile. We're thinking of you.

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