Rosh Hashanah Apple Prints

September 27, 2008

We started getting ready for the Jewish New Year by doing some apple and decorations for the house. Lots of messy, messy fun. Looks like this is becoming an annual tradition for us. During the coming week we'll be eating lots of apples and honey...symbolic of our desire for "a sweet new year" (wonder what we could eat to have a less cluttered year?).
morninglight mama said...

A pre-Happy New Year to you! I had two little girls as students when I was a preschool teacher (a few years apart) and their mother came in to do some Rosh Hashanah activities with the class-- along with some other Jewish holidays, as well. I learned a lot from those activities! I wish you a very sweet new year!

My Child's Diary said...

Shana Tova Vemetuka!

Lynnie said...

I love the one of the red hand! My youngest ends every painting activity with painting her whole hand (and if I'm not looking her stomach too)!

Lovely sculpey prints, too! We'll have to try that!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Cami said...

Oh, I love food prints! I should do some with the boys.

the clan mccawley said...

Happy New Year to all of you! For a sweet and less cluttered new year...a cookie a day for mom, a housekeeper for mom, lots of precut organic fruit (thank you trader joe's) for little monkeys and many neat little baskets and bins to artfully hide the monkey clutter!

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