Feeling Better

September 25, 2008

My cousin sent me this link which made me feel much better about my clutter issues!
Melissa said...

Oh, wow! That makes me feel better,too. Thanks :)

South of Rome said...

OMG- That reminds me this house Chris and I cleaned for a community project in San Diego. Honestly, we had 30 some people cleaning the house and yard. It was at least hip deep. I remember finding packages of meat and dirty diapers! Ugh, it still makes me gag to think of!! Blick. Hey, Remember Stacy Kluckman from Oki?? She introduced me to flylady.com. It's sort of hokey, but also sort of helps ;) ciao, K

Cami said...

Ok, that is a person with some sort of mental disorder. NO one can live that way. Is it even possible?

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