Back on the Mat

September 20, 2008

And I am resolved to stay on the mat. The yoga mat. I signed up for classes several weeks ago but with all of the recent hurricanes, haircut, and other excuses I didn't make it to class until yesterday. I have never been a big exercise person. Team sports bring back painful memories of an awkward summer of softball. Gyms filled with exercise equipment and weights make me cringe and feel overwhelmed with all of the possible ways I could injure myself. I do enjoy walking (not running) and riding bikes, but really yoga (and some pilates) has always been my preference. I love the combination of relaxation, challenge, and individual pace/practice.

I seem to cycle through phases of dedication. There have been periods when I had a daily practice at home and took classes multiple times a week, but that's been quite awhile. I convince myself that it takes time to find the right teacher, the right space, the right schedule, etc but the truth is that I haven't made it a priority. But right now I need to. Yesterday was a good reminder of this. I could feel myself at times struggling with poses I used to do with ease. And other moments I could feel my body falling right into place as if it had found its home base again. I allowed myself to breath and relax for the first time in weeks, actually months. I left feeling energized. Today I am feeling sore, but sore in a good way. All those muscles that haven't been worked in way too long. I am glad to be back on the mat.
Corinne said...

I gave you an award :) Here it is, don't feel obligated to participate, I just wanted you to know I love your blog :)

Andrea said...

That's wonderful that you've found something to help you relax. Having your husband away and the weather issues and temporarily raising two kids alone seems very tough. You deserve a chance to get yourself reenergized, relaxed and rejuvenated.

I like yoga, but can never stick to it. My own mat collects dust under the tv (along with my yoga dvd!)
I hope you are able to keep going :)

Kellie said...

I love this post-so true about so many things. I'm happy that you're back on the mat, too. Enjoy that hard-won soreness.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

An important thing to do for yourself...good for you!

Anonymous said...

good for you. it is so worth it.

Heather said...

This made me chuckle: "Gyms filled with exercise equipment and weights make me cringe and feel overwhelmed with all of the possible ways I could injure myself." Yeah, me too. :)

I had some amazing experiences with yoga about 12 years ago during a season when I was taking classes and practicing on my own. It took several months of hard work, but I finally reached a point where I could feel really at home in my body, if that makes sense. Maybe "centered" is the word. Sadly, I let myself get busy with other things and have never returned to the mat. But as I've been planning my physical regimen once I get the green light in a couple of weeks, I've been feeling a strong need to get back into yoga. I wonder if a DVD would be as effective for me as a class?

Anyway, long comment. I hope you've been enjoying some rewarding mat time! :)

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