Rosh Hashana 2008

September 30, 2008

Nothing went quite as planned which was both wonderful and not so wonderful, but a good reminder about the nature of life, especially life with two young kiddos. Services were going to be too late for us last night so we had a nice little dinner at home. I had hoped to make challah or some of my mother-in-law's kugel, but that didn't happen. As we sat down to dinner last night it hit me that it was our first Rosh Hashanah without Adam and without any other friends or family gathered together which made me feel a little sad, but I couldn't stay sad for too long because Noah and Camille were so excited...hanging up their decorations, actively saying the prayers with me, lighting the candles, making up their own holiday songs and dancing in the kitchen.

Today was the first full day of the New Year and things did not go as planned. We started the day with a trip to the doctor because Camille has a urinary tract infection (poor baby fully potty trained for the past few weeks and now terrified again to use the potty because it hurts). Noah's glasses got broken at school (he "had" to take them off to put the dinosaur mask on and he warned the other kids not to "mess" with his glasses....but putting them on the floor in the middle of a classroom full of masked and jumping 5 year olds is not a good thing!). We were finally able to make it to Taschlich services later in the day. It wasn't the quiet or reflective experience that I have had at past Taschlich services because I was so focused on keeping my two monkeys safe along the edge of the water, but just happy to be there with them. We had a great time afterwards at the playground and that was my favorite moment of the whole day. The way the new year should be celebrated...swinging, collecting acorns, happy, dirty fun.

The end of the evening was not as much fun. I decided to take the kids to one of my favorite places to eat when I was a kid. Minutes after sitting down, Camille climbed under the table to retrieve a toy and loudly announced "I peed and it didn't hurt". I did my best to clean things up and rushed her out to the van to change. We headed back in to eat dinner but that didn't last long because a few minutes later poor Camille had her second incident of the night: diarrhea. I again did my best to clean things up, left a huge tip, silently expressed gratitude for the dim lighting, and headed back to the van for the second change of the night. And what a drive very hungry big brother, one sad little sister with a soar bottom, one very smelly van (boxed up food and very soiled clothing is not a good combo), and one strung out mama.

On the drive home I couldn't help thinking this was a crappy (pun intended) way to start the New Year. I even got a little angry because I feel like we are entitled to a good year. But as I was putting the kids to bed tonight I couldn't help smiling as I thought about their silly songs last night and their joy today at the park. And suddenly that bowl of apples and honey has even more meaning to our life right now is very sweet and at times very messy. So I hope this new year is a good one, but when it gets messy I'll be sure to have extra clothes and towels in the van. La Shana Tova! Happy New Year!
Tisra said...

I've had those moments where I feel "entitled", too. And the Lord always reminds me that I'm not forgotten, that He is always with me- especially when things are crappy.

Your full circle post had tears in my eyes. There are soooo many moments like this as moms, and counting the simple laughter and time at the park as blessing is about all you can do to stay sane.

heather said...

Lucia, I am hysterical right now. As I am taking a minute to read your post, I glanced over at my nakey little Quinn makin some fries and strawberries in the kitchen. I noticed he had made something extra special on the floor as well. I had to race the dog to get to it before A) someone stepped in it, B) Steve( crazy dog) ate it. Unfortuanately it was a tie. Uhh thank you steve?

Morena, Andy, Dominic & Christian said...

What a great post! Happy New Year and I hope you have more sweet than sticky moments in the year ahead!

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