Day 71

September 15, 2008

It's that time again when we starting thinking and waiting to find out where we will be headed next summer courtesy of the Navy. But this is the first time we're going through this stage apart. In some ways this whole process of discussing where we will live is an on-going, ever present part of our existence as a military family. I jokingly wonder what we will talk about once we leave the military life behind since this discussion is such a big part of our lives...where will our next duty station be and ultimately where will we live when Adam gets out of the military? Whenever we travel we can't stop ourselves from evaluating each destination to see if it gets a spot on our "list". Whenever I get together with a group of military spouses it is inevitable that at some point in the conversation there will be some sort of discussion or comparison of various duty stations.

According to my theory of the military wife cycle , we are entering the third year which is filled with those liminal feelings of being "betwixt and between" two different places (our current duty station but also starting to plan and get excited for our new destination). But this time around the third year is much more complicated with both of us being in different places. One of my frustrations with the whole process is that it always seems more complex and mysterious than it should be. I don't envy the detailer (person in charge of making the assignments) especially during this time when there is such a high need for family docs and an increasing shortage, but I do wish there was more of a logical system. Adam spoke with earlier in the summer and he got us "penciled" in for a very exciting destination, but I am keeping my fingers crossed until the actual paperwork appears (hopefully in the coming month). So for now we wait to see where we will be sent next summer. This is always a period of anxious waiting, mixed with excitement about all the possibilities, and sadness as we look ahead to leaving family and friends again.

In some ways this deployment has dulled some of the anxiety of waiting to find out...I am just too busy and too exhausted to spend any extra time on worrying. Plus, I think we will make the best of whatever assignment we get. We have loved every place we have lived via the Navy (the Northwest, Japan, the Southeast) and if for some reason we were miserable at least we know it will only be for three years and then the cycle starts all over again.

With all of the recent storms and related cell phone issues in my part of the world combined with some Internet issues in his part of the world, Adam and I haven't been able to talk as often as before and that has me missing him even more. And for some reason Camille has recently become very convinced that Daddy is coming home soon...whenever the doorbell rings she thinks it's "Dada" and she got up from her nap yesterday looking for him. I can understand her feelings. I also feel like it's been enough time and he should be coming back soon, but we still have many more days to cross off the calendar.
Tisra said...

I had had my own struggles recently of husband loss (Eric's been working almost non-stop right now on a big project and, at times, we won't see him but for 10 minutes a day), so you have been on my mind and in my thoughts and prayers. I feel exhausted, weary, and beaten down and then I think of all the military wives, and single moms on there who do this for far longer than the month I'm enduring. I'm so spoiled. I wish you excitement and not stress as you think of your next destination. I wish you laughter with your kids and not tears. I wish you sound sleep, and slow mornings. I wish you peace and good connectivity (phone and internet!).

Corinne said...

Now I am ALL CURIOUS myself. I don't know how you stand it :)

Laurie said... KNOW where a whole bunch of us vote you go after the military! :-)

Miss you!

South of Rome said...

I. Am. Holding. My. Breath. (Ahem, detailer gods, hear my prayers!).

On our end we are waiting to hear about C's fellowship apps. Which will, of course, determine when and where we go next. I fear the day my life will be 'normal'. What will we talk about if it isn't, where will we go next?

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