January 12, 2008

Yesterday our seclusion came to an end with two wonderful visits. The first was from a huge group of birds. Noah came running to get me and I was stunned to see our back yard full of birds. Robins, Cardinals, and a Downy Woodpecker. It turns out we have a flock of robins roosting in one of our trees for winter. Our two bird baths were filled with feathered bathers. The tree was symphony of bird sounds. The grass was full of birds hunting for worms. A storm of activity. We watched in awe. Noah opened the door just a crack and they all flew up into the tree. And suddenly the visit was over. We hope they will be back for baths again soon. Noah made drawings of the birds and posted them on our front door so Adam could see them when he got home.

Soon after our feathered friends' visit, we had our second batch of company. Noah's teacher and her daughter, Annie came by to deliver some amazing get well wishes for Noah. Each of his classmates made a card for him. Very thoughtful and colorful. Noah examined each one carefully. He and Annie got a chance to run around in the back yard for awhile and I had a chance to have some adult conversation after a very long week of "quarantine". Those two visits made us all feel better.
Mom said...

Noah's pictures and your photos of the birds reminded me of Springtime! Just lovely! After many days of rain we finally have some sunshine and are looking forward to a sunny, albeit,cold, week. Hope Adam is better soon. Wish we lived closer so I could give you a break!
Love, Mom

Corinne said...

Fantastic!! I love the pictures - both of the birds and the homemade ones too :)

Heather said...

When I first saw the photo, I thought, "It's springtime already?!" Then I remembered you live in Florida. Sigh. I'll have to wait a little longer for my own red-breasted visitors. :)

How kind of Noah's teacher to drop by and bring a breath of fresh air with her!

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