Child Labor

January 15, 2008

Is it child labor to have my nearly 5 year old son changing diapers? Is it bad if I offer him money to change the poopy ones? or what about using it in place of time-outs? I haven't done any of these things (yet) but they have entered my demented mama brain. I am tired of diapers, yet I keep putting off the whole potty training thing. Hoping we can wait until summer when she can just run naked in the back yard (that worked for the first one, should work again, right?). There will be a lot of celebrating around here when we are finally a diaper free home.
the clan mccawley said...

Um, I don't think it's child labor and if you can figure out how to get it done, PLEASE send me the secret. DIAPERS STINK. Literally and especially when your squirmy 20 month old tries to grab the poopy one while attempting to flip off the changing table. I'm with ya, demented mama brain!

Heather said...

All hands on deck, I say. :) I'm the oldest of six and definitely changed my share of dirty diapers as a child. Funny about the poopy ones... we were so tired of poopy diapers with our first that when our second was about 9 mos old, whenever we could tell she needed to poop, we took the diaper off and sat her on the toilet. It worked like a charm. She's not quite 2 and eager to do all her peeing in the toilet too, but even so I'm dragging my feet with training her. Anyway, hang in there. It won't be that much longer... :)

The Solley Five said...

I MISS Diapers!!! wait until you hear Pee Pee 45 times a day! always when you're walking out the door!

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