Seeing Red

January 9, 2008

Red spots. Red cheeks. Red lips and tongue. Poor Noah has scarlet fever. The rash appeared this morning and he has been miserable. Scarlet fever sounds so scary and in days prior to antibiotics it was a scary disease...reminded me of Beth in Little Women (didn't she have scarlet fever?). When I told my mom about the diagnosis today, she said she remembered hearing stories about her mother's family being quarantined because of scarlet fever...people leaving food for the family, worrying about the spread of the fever, etc.And my dad told me he was quarantined for six weeks because they suspected scarlet fever but it wasn't...six weeks of quarantine would drive me crazy (both as a patient and/or as the parent!) It has been hard to see our usually active little monkey boy so lethargic and uncomfortable, but hopefully the medicine will start making an impact soon. I am not a huge fan of antibiotics, but today I was grateful to hear that there is something that will hopefully bring an end to this. I can only imagine how scary and helpless mothers in previous generations must have felt as they watched their children suffer without much to offer for relief.
Heather said...

I've thought of that too, how horrible it would be to have no remedy to offer your sick and suffering child. I'm also very conservative about using antibiotics (Katy almost made it to 2 without them, and Ben (4) has never had antibiotics). Oh, and (going back to your last post) I try to buy milk and meat without antibiotics. But boy can that medicine be a godsend when it's really needed! I sure hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

Corinne said...

Lucia!! I'm so sorry! I really hope he feels better. I was just thinking about how I could get myself to see you somehow as we drive through your town (aren't you close to I95???) on our way south on Monday. Maybe he won't be contagious by then???

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