January 18, 2008

My recent felt food obsession got my creative juices flowing and prompted me to do something I have been meaning to do for a long time. I finally let go of the excuses (no space, no time, small helpers,) cleared my dining room table, and got out the sewing machine. The last time I sat in front of the sewing machine I was close to my due date with Noah. I honestly thought I would continue sewing after he was born. I imagined myself sewing little outfits, multiple blankets, bags, but my delusions about the early months of motherhood quickly evaporated as I became consumed with delirium. The haze of nursing, sleep deprivation, and endless hours of admiring tiny toes...starting/finishing anything was a big accomplishment and sewing wasn't nearly as high a priority as a shower. So I packed up the machine and moved it with us to Japan where I again assumed I would be sewing...imagining I would make beautiful keepsakes out of hand dyed Japanese indigo. But the sewing machine spent all three years taking up precious closet space while we spent our free time traveling and eating sushi. We have now been back in the States for over a year and the machine is finally seeing the light of day. It makes me happy to discover that I still remember how to operate it (kind of like riding a bike). And I have been reminded of what I really love about the whole sewing process...the fabric. I love seeing it grouped by colors, patterns, and designers in those fancy quilt shops. I love playing with fat quarters. Stacking them, mixing and matching, visualizing all of the wonderful potential projects. It brings back memories of spending time in my mom's studio. Playing with scraps of fabric, watching her cut and piece quilts together, learning to sew with her patient guidance. I think I enjoy the anticipation of a project more than the actual process. I tend to get frustrated and disappointed when things don't turn out the way I had hoped. And I tend to get burned out on projects too quickly. So knowing these things about myself. I am starting with small projects. Right now working on a Valentine's Day hanging for our front door. A combination of quilting, hand sewing, and embroidery. If all goes well, I'll post a pic of the final outcome. For now I am just enjoying the thrill of having the machine finally set up, renewed my love for fabric, and staying up way too late happily sewing.
plumm said...


As a sewing addict myself, who also has 2 small helpers, this post resonates with me! So excited to see you valentines day creation....I got all inspired to do something for our door just from your little photo.
Thanks for stopping by my Small Box Life...nice to have a familiar face.

Betsey said...

I've finally gotten my machine out for REAL use after years as well. I'm making a Husky (UW) quilt for my son. The project clutters my kitchen table and living room every day. But at least I don't have little hands getting into it anymore. They're just asking, "When are you going to be done?" "It's not a race you know," I tell them. It is great to be working again. I just love the picture of all that fabric - the colors and patterns!! Enjoy. Can't wait to see what you make.

Heather said...

Sigh. My poor old sewing machine has been out of commission for over a year now. I keep thinking I'm going to get it fixed or buy a new one...

But oh how I love going to the fabric store! Almost as much as a book store. Your description is just perfect--it's all about the fabric. :) (I too tend to get a bit bogged down by the process...)

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