More Cutting

May 31, 2007

It was finally time to say good-bye to Camille's wispy mullet. She wasn't thrilled by the process, but her new cut looks very cute (I'll try to get better photos tomorrow). Noah loves getting his hair cut because he gets to fly a Blue Angels jet. He tried very hard to prepare Camille for her first hair cut and he was disappointed that she didn't appreciate the kiddie salon experience that he loves so much (he frequently begs to get his haircut!).
Jessica said...

OK, that is the cutest flippin' salon I've ever seen!!! Wish I could find somewhere that cool. I think Audrey might get her first cut (FINALLY) this weekend at grandma's.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Yes, cute but pricey! We had to find some solution. Noah was spoiled in Japan with the wonderful Ms. Stacy, but upon returning to the States he really,really did not like the barbershops. I wish Adam and I were able to do it ourselves but we both have some bad haircut histories (did you ever hear the story of when Adam gave our neighbor's dog a trim?)

The Solley Six said...

wow! i make the kids go to some grimy, old place where there's just one old Korean lady. She's very sweet, terrible at cutting hair and the kids can't understand anything she's asking them but it's local and i'd rather give my money to her than hair cuttery.
that is the best haircut picture of Camille! i feel the same way...i loved that wispy mullet. being a big kid is hard knocks!

Cole said...

HOW I WISH WE HAD THAT SALON! Landon hates his hair cut and it grows crazy fast. He loves to drive though and boy would he love to get into that blue angel! They are such dolls. Cant wait to see the other pics of her hair :)

Mom said...

What a great salon! You can see how delighted Noah is to be "piloting" that airplane! Camille looks darling. Maybe next time she'll enjoy the experience a little more although it's only been since I found my current hairdresser, that I haven't felt complete anxiety over getting my own hair cut. Maybe it's a female thing!

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