May 16, 2007

Today I ventured into KMart (how they stay in business is beyond me since I always seem to be the only shopper in there) with both kids. It was just supposed to be a quick trip to the garden section to check out the mulch selection. As to be expected it with two kids in tow it turned into a bigger ordeal. First a potty stop, then I remembered I needed a new broom, and then I caved into Noah's begging to walk through the toy aisles. I just caved. And the caving just got worse. I let Noah and Camille each leave the store with a new toy (I have been trying to make a conscious effort to decrease buying random stuff and curtail Noah's obession with buying everything in sight) and I didn't even check the prices on the toys. To really top things off I bought a box of banana moon pies and we ate them all the way home. Happy kids full of sugar and new junk toys. $15 of happiness that wore off once we got home. But it was hot, I was tired, and there are just some days like that.

While I am confessing things, here are a few more:

I hate feet. Can't stand to be touched by other people's feet (except for baby feet). I love to eat things that are super sweet with things that are super salty. I don't eat them at the same time but alternate bites (one sweet, one salty, etc). Salt and vinegar chips with chocolate. Moon pies with funyons. I was wearing Duck boots held together with duct tape the night I met Adam. I have a fear of being struck by lightening or choking to death. I don't brush my children's teeth enough and Adam always cuts their fingernails because that parenting job scares me. I am a terrible packrat. My e-mail box has over 2000 messages in it including some from 1998!
Mom said...

How did I not know that you dislike feet as much as I do! Wait 'tilI tell Dad. He teases me constantly about it.
Your trip to KMART was classic and brings back memories of when Adam and Stacy were little. No trip to the store was without its challenges, especially when they put everything that the kids love at their eye level or right at the checkout.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's been a while since I visited yours. Your Noah and my Judson would have a blast together. Both sensitive and smart and worried about their siblings. I can so relate to your confessions!


Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Love your confessions. We have been trying to purchase fewer new things lately for environmental as well as financial reasons, but I can totally relate to just giving in for the afternoon!

lisa said...

love the confessions! I frequently find myself allowing Nathan to pick out a matchbox car or something in the under $2 range just to get 10 minutes of peace at the store. I know I need to cut this out or he is going to assume he gets something every time we go shopping!

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