May 30, 2007

Noah has recently become obsessed with cutting things. It started with paper and I encouraged this by giving him magazines to cut and then glue into collages. It has now gotten completedly out of hand. I got up this morning to discover he had cut up one of my make-up brushes and some of Adam's work papers. Yesterday he cut up a children's book, some shoe laces, and a big chunk of his hair. The strange thing is when I discovered him cutting his hair I was shocked to see that his hair is no longer blonde. I heard myself saying what my mother says everytime she sees me: "your hair has gotten so dark". And now I am saying the same thing to my child. I know it could be much worse since I did some serious damage with scissors when I was Noah's age. My younger sister has beautiful curly hair and I was always envious so I thought I would get some curls for myself. I woke my sister up early one morning, sat her on the toilet,chopped off her curls, taped them on my head and woke my mom up to show her my new curls. Not a good way to use scissors! I hope I am not headed down a similar path with Noah....we have been talking about getting Camille's first haircut. I just hope he won't consider that his job!
The Solley Five said...

so funny. i love how calm you are...i can just picture you walking around the house and finding a big clump of Noah's hair on the floor and thinking "Oh MY...Noah's hair has really gotten DARK!" instead of the concerned-with-appearance-mom-reaction of "oh no! what has my child done to their hair?!"

Mom said...

It must be part of what Stacy calls "mothers disease".
I still think of Adam's hair as light brown streaked with blonde and am surprised every time I see him!!!!
Since Noah seems so taken with scissors maybe he'd like a "cutting box" of kid safe scissors and things that are permissable to cut up! Even a shoebox that could be kept out of Camilles reach might work.

Sherry said...

Oh no... I would have gone nuts but you seem to be handling it well! Im taking notes her for the future:)

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