Mama Packhorse

May 21, 2007

It's 9pm and I am exhausted. It felt like I spent the entire day lifting and hauling things. It started with 25 large bags of mulch...into the back of our van, out of the van, onto our wobbly wagon two bags at a time, and then into the backyard (photos coming soon). Then to the library where I lugged in fifty books for return and brought out forty new books plus a very heavy toddler while whistling for a wayward four year old. Then to swimming class where I had to keep a tight hold on the heavy toddler for a half hour while we watched the four year old master the art of having tea parties under the water. And finally back home where the very fussy and hungry toddler insisted on being carried the entire time I emptied the dishwasher and cooked grilled cheese sandwiches. Everytime I watch one of those PBS reality shows (Colonial House, Prairie House, etc) I am always amazed by how physically fit those women had to be to get their daily tasks done each day. After a day like today I am just grateful I don't have to carry water, chop firewood, and churn butter!
Sherry said...

Im exhausted from just reading what you did that day:)

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