Myrtle Beach

December 18, 2006

We had a wonderful beach escape last week with our good friends, the Solleys. My impression of Myrtle Beach is that it must be the capital of mini golf and pancake houses...most of which were closed for the season! But the beach was nice and the best part was just hanging out with friends. We took beach walks, chased sea gulls,celebrated Sloane's first birthday, and played lots of Go Fish.
The Solley Five said...

ohhh...i miss it already. you guys are the best for thriving in all the chaos of my one incredibly loud child, one awfully disobedient child, and my 'high-need' baby girl. how could we have had any fun amidst all that- with coughing and strep on top of it? but we did! you're wonderful, beautiful friends!

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