December 18, 2006

While in Myrtle Beach, our friends introduced us to the exciting world of letterboxing. We were successful in finding all three of the letterboxes we were searching for in a beautiful state park set between marsh and ocean. Letterboxing is basically like a treasure hunt...you follow clues to boxes hidden by other letterboxers (not sure what the correct terms are!). The box contains a special handmade stamp and book. After stamping your own book and leaving a note in the letterbox book you carefully hide the box for future hunters to find. Click on this link to learn more www.letterboxing.org We are looking forward to doing some more letterboxing soon.
Ann said...

That sounds so neat. I love Myrtle beach, it really is a pretty place.

Mom said...

This sounds like fun. I am going to go to the website and check it out.

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