Alligator Pears and Pansies

December 4, 2006

Two of my favorite things which always remind me of my Ganny. Not sure if "alligator pear" is a Cajun, southern, or family word for avocado but it is pretty descriptive. And I love the delicate, but hardy nature of pansies...they always brighten up the grey days of winter. I just planted a bed of pansies by our front door and thought of times I helped my grandmother put pansies by her front of her door.The other thing which I always associate with my Ganny is the holidays. I hope that I can share the magic of the holidays with my kids the way my family did. We are working hard this year (especially now that we are back in the States) not to get caught up in the commercial/consumer aspects of the holidays. Noah has really been caught up in wanting to buy things every time we are in a store. He is an avid reader of catalogues and feels like he "needs" everything he sees. It is scary to see how early kids can get caught up in consumerism and I don't like it! We are trying to make most of our holiday gifts this year and keep Noah focused on the true meanings of the holidays...miracles, faith, goodwill, magic, family, and fun. I also find that I am having to reign myself in and focus on the alligator pears and pansies....the things that have stayed with me from my childhood are not the toys Santa brought, but instead the family traditions and the good memories of special people in my life.
Ann said...

The pansies sure are pretty. Don't fret I was also an avid catalogue reader as a kid. I even dog eared the pages for my parents too. I turned out okay. And I hate to shop so maybe there's hope. I'm sure that you'll be able to instil old and new traditions to keep the spirit alive this season!!

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