Happy Chanukah!

December 20, 2006

We are having fun celebrating the Festival of Lights! We hope that you and your families have a wonderful holiday season filled with love, joy, and miracles!
Noah is the master matzo ball maker. On the fourth night of Chanukah we enjoyed a fusion dinner of matzo ball soup and potstickers....if there had been a Cajun dish then our dinner would have been a more complete representation of our little family.

Camille reveling in the unwrapping of gifts!
The Solley Five said...

great pictures! all your shots capture so much- i love the candle lighting with yogurt and japanese salad dressing and it's like all the things that are current now are going to make the memories of later years. when we're 96 and in rocking chairs on some porch somewhere we'll be like "member those good japanese salad dressings? ummm ummm ummmm...my daughter in law never makes a salad taste that good!"
happy holidays!

Ann said...

Happy Chanukah(is it really spelled that way) I thought it was spelled differently, Anyhow...the pictures are beautiful of Adam lighting the ?menorah?(is that right) Forgive me. But I hope the holidays are wonderful for you as you celebrate them in your new home.

Mom said...

I love the photos. I feel like I am right there watching all of you. Wish I really was!!!
Love, Mom

Morena, Andy, Dominic & Christian said...

Happy Chanukah!!

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