Signs of Autumn

October 28, 2009

Lots of seasonal discoveries happening right now. Autumn in Sicily is not about colored leaves, acorns, or big pumpkins. It's chestnuts,apples,pomegranates, grapes, and olives. We have been doing lots of tasting, observing, and gathering. So many new tastes, textures, and interesting finds. Our nature table is getting full again. Want to learn more about nature tables and see some inspiring ones? Check out this recent post on The Magnifying Glass.
Karen (South of Rome) said...

e buon autunno a te!

likeschocolate said...

Very nice! Nature is beautiful!

Cami said...

That pomegranate is awesome. Lovely fall photos.

katy said...

beautiful pictures. i thought the olives were plums. shows you what i've been seeing a lot of her in Lux.

Mom2Isabel said...

Okay... what the heck is the first picture of?
It looks like miniature hedgehogs!!!!

Miss you guys so much!
Laureen and Isabel

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Laureen, those are chestnuts! Aren't they crazy looking? Hope you guys have a Happy Halloween.

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