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October 15, 2009

BeauSoleil House: If you live in the DC area, perhaps you have noticed the Solar Decathlon taking place on the Mall. Wish we could be there right now. My mom is there along with other friends and family. It's a very cool project and I can only imagine all of the energy and enthusiasm that must be flowing around there this week. And to add to the celebration Michael Doucet and Beausoleil will be playing tomorrow (Friday, 16th 5-7pm on the front porch). Makes me proud to think about all of those Cajuns designing, dancing, and trying to make our world a better place.

The Moth: A friend shared The Moth podcast with me this week and I am already hooked. Stories galore. I love it and I can already tell it is going to help me weather the Sicilian rainy season.

StoryNory: Here's another fabulous source for stories for younger listeners. As you already know audiobooks are a big hit around here. Our new library doesn't have any audiobooks for kids so we have started to explore on-line options. And this is a good one.

Italy Tutto: A big thank you to Italy Tutto for the warm welcome and nice introduction. Feels a little strange to read about ourselves, but so happy to have discovered such a great resource and to be a part of it.

: The amazing final product and the making of it.

Turkey: Last year we started adding coins to our Turkey Jar in hopes of making our dream of visiting friends in Ankara come true. Very excited to report we just bought our tickets and we'll be heading there in a few weeks. I had a great time in Istanbul as a college student but haven't been able to find a ton of info about family travel in Turkey. If you have any recommendations, please share them.

Geninne's Art Blog: I always love visiting this blog. So colorful, creative, and inspiring. I can't remember if I have shared it here before. But it can't hurt to share it again, right?
Karen (South of Rome) said...

Yes, we have been watching the work on the houses on the Mall. Mahlon's Italian classes are held nearby so we walk down every Sunday and take in all the action. It's been fun to duck in and and out of the museums as we like. M has soccer tomorrow so we won't go to the concert though.. And it's COLD here!!!! And rainy!!! BLAH.

Kellie said...

We visited the solar decathlon a few years ago when I was homeschooling. It was inspiring.

Emily said...

Thanks for the great link! I've been browsing through that art blog all morning and now I feel like I want to wake up the kids and paint! I won't, but I want to.

holly said...

great list, I'll have to check out a few of those.

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