Growing Up

October 22, 2009

While making Halloween decorations a few days ago, Camille decided to add to her accessory collection with a googly eye ring. It was a funny moment of mama pride and sincere surprise. Proud of her creativity and ingenuity. She took a piece of tape, stuck eyes all over it, and turned it into a ring. Simple and yet so clever. And surprise because it was one of those moments when I so struck by how quickly she is growing up. I think it's part of that whole second child thing. I try my hardest to focus on both. To recognize and celebrate the milestones and the changes, and yet I have to admit that I sometimes get off balance. Lately we have been pretty focused on school issues with Noah and in the midst of this Camille has started going through a growth spurt of her own. She is drawing non-stop. She's counting and saying simple phrases in Italian. She's starting to write and sound out letters. And now she's designing her own jewelry. That little eye ring brought it all into clearer focus for me: she is turning four soon. Four is big. Four is that thrilling age that I love. I need to consciously re-focus my attention and recognize what is happening with her.

Sounds easy. Sounds like what every good parent should do, right? And yet, I can't seem to stop thinking about Noah right now. Our inquisitive, creative, energetic monkey boy recently told us he "has turned his brain off". This transition to first grade and to a much bigger school environment has not been as easy or as smooth as we had hoped. He is no longer begging to go to school on the weekends (like he did last year). Instead he is asking us for additional work at home. He is hungry for the challenge and the thrill that comes with true learning. We are meeting with his teacher tomorrow and hoping we can figure out some ways to get that little brain of his fully engaged again, but it hasn't been easy to see what's been happening with him lately.

Makes me wish I had a special eye ring that would allow me to see everything clearly in every direction and with perfect insight. But I don't. Leaves me feeling kind of stretched thin lately in terms of parenting. Wanting to do so much for both of them and yet realizing I can only do so much for each of them. Growing up is hard. Not just for kids, but mamas, too.
Heather said...

I also can't believe how close four is in our house, and how tall my children are getting and how much more they each need from me in new ways.

Poor Noah. I was worried Benjamin would "turn off his brain" in kindergarten because he's already mastered a lot of the material, but since it's all in Spanish, that added challenge is keeping him very engaged. Would it be possible for Noah to attend Italian school? I have no idea how that works with the military and all, but I thought I'd throw that out there. I wish you the best in working out the school issues.

The place you found for Camille sounds wonderful! I just spent the past little while catching up on your last two months and loving your photography and insights. Thank you so much for sharing.

boatbaby said...

What a beautiful, insightful post. Thank you!

likeschocolate said...

I feel for you, we have been dealing with this challenge for years. Our oldest finally got into tag or what is know as the gifted program and now he is so happy. He loves the freedom it gives him to think outside the box.

Francesca said...

It is sometimes necessary to focus more on one child, the child who needs more attention at the moment. I hope the meeting with the teacher will be fruitful.

Anonymous said...

You know, that is really why we home school Judson. He has such a spark for learning and we were very scared it would be extinguished if he went to public school. He still struggles with things he does not like (such as English) but he is happy and learning. Hope you find that balance for Noah. Such a sweet boy with those wonderfully expressive eyes!

And well, what can you say about a Diva. She needs her accessories. Wish I had such a wonderful/exciting 'school' to send Ansley.

Hope the teacher meeting goes well.


Cami said...

I LOVE that googly eye ring.

Madeline said...

yeah I hear ya - and I may just set out some tape and googly eyes tomorrow and see what my 4 year old comes up with (it's not the same if you show them!). But I think they are getting a huge amount from just living in Italy and Sicily in particular. Just being in that environment is way more than most (of the rest of us) parents can do, that they will have with them always.

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