February 27, 2009

Last weekend on our way to Orlando we made a stop at Blue Springs State Park. It was truly one of the most magical moments of the whole trip for me ....wild manatees swimming in crystal clear spring-fed water along with gar, alligator, turtles, anhinga, cormorant, and one pretty kingfisher. The manatees come to Blue Springs each winter and I can see why. It is a beautiful spot and the water is 75 degrees all year round. After wandering along the water, we did a little letterboxing along a hiking trail in the same park. Had lunch with friends and then got back on the road headed towards Disney. And did I mention it was a surprise for the kids? We didn't tell them until after we were in the car and after our manatee morning. It was pretty exciting to see their reactions. More about our Disney experiences in coming posts. Here is some info on Blue Springs State Park. Disney was fun, but for me it's hard to compete with the magic of mother nature. It was truly a memorable adventure.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great day. We were in Orlando this week too :)

Can I ask, you've got the E3. Have you ever flown with it? We were thinking of taking ours with us to the US this summer since we plan to do a lot of walking. We usually travel with a Mac so it's a big difference to take the E3.


Anonymous said...

We are already back home. But the funny thing is - we got to meet Janalee and Maya! We somehow all ended up taking the same Disney cruise by chance :)
I wish I'd have thought about you all being closer. I didn't realize where in Fl you lived.

craftymama said...

that looks gorgeous!

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