February 28, 2009

Highlights from Epcot: The Soarin' Ride, lunch in Morrocco (truly a feast), live music in Canada, drumming in Africa, finding a microbox in the UK, the train garden in Germany, the tin toys in Japan, and dinner on the way home at Greens and Grille. Now for the things that drove me crazy. Adam and I are not huge Disney nuts. We don't have a desire to go back year after year. The biggest highlight for us is watching our kids take it all in...at 3 and 6 they are the perfect age for the "magic" of Disney. But the crowds and the lines drive me crazy, the over the top consumerism, the weird plastic/perfection of it all, the over stimulation, and the crowds did I mention that already? And on this most recent visit it felt like we were having some sort of weird Wall-E experience....surrounded by adults on scooters, beeping and backing up....much worse to get run over by a large adult on an automated vehicle than a kid in a stroller. I can only do Disney in small doses. Our two days at Epcot and Magic Kingdom was a full dose for us. Glad we did it, but it was also nice to have some lazy days at our resort, too.
Dawn said...

This made me smile! Love the reality of it!
I keep putting off the Magic Kingdom for Fionna... You explained exactly why!

gcrypark said...


We were also at Disney and Epcot this week!! Hope you all had a great time....Love your pics of the kids...yes it was more crowded than expected.

Take care and hope to see you soon.
gigi and girls

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