November 6, 2008

Camille turns three tomorrow. Like the Five post I did for Noah, here are three of our Mei Mei's favorite things: her bunnies (count as one item since they can not be separated), her crown, and a Dan Zanes cd/book. Camille has had those two bunnies since she was an infant. They are irreplaceable and they are very well loved. Her crown goes along with her larger love of accessories and dressing up. And Dan Zanes....she loves Dan Zanes, she loves singing and dancing, and she loves reading so the Zanes board book /cd represents several of her favorite activities all rolled into one.

Three. Three just seems too old for our sweet baby girl. Three is big girl stuff. Here's what Camille has to say about three:

L: What will you do when you turn three?
C: I will take out my birthday candles.
L: What is your favorite song?
C: Happy Birthday song
L: What is your favorite color?
C: You
L: What is your favorite animal?
C: Sheeps
L: What do you want to be when you grow up?
C: A cat
Cami said...

YOU are her favorite color? Wow. I love that answer.

Plus, she has an awesome name. Happy b-day Camille!

morninglight mama said...

Happiest of birthdays to your dear Camille! We Scorpios are a unique bunch, but our love runs deep. :)

The gifts you and your son made were absolutely precious-- your family is so inspiring! said...

Oh this is SOO adorable!

Michelle said...

"A cat" Hee!

Happy Birthday Camille, you big girl!

Ann said...

AWWWW!!! Happy Birthday to Miss Camille. How did she get to be 3 so fast!!

craftymama said...

happy birthday to camille!

i love love love that top photo of her (dancing?) with her cake in the background!! so sweet.

re: your dinner swap comment-
so far we have just made things that are not too spicy and have no pork! and of course that hopefully kids will like. it's only week 2. last week i made sweet potato stew/soup and this week spanokopita. we just surprise each other. i'll tell you, it is so nice to not make dinner one night. also it forces me to get dinner done early since Nina's little girl goes to bed at 7.

oh- and the tummy ache was nothing.

btw, I put included my stress of the day in that entry just for you! :)

Ben, Ericka, Julian, Molly and Chloe said...

A cat, of course! It's been months since I've peeked at your blog and those kids have grown! Lucia...they are so big and beautiful. Is that your mom's house in the birthday picture? It fits with my mental image of the perfect SW LA farm house.
We LOVE you!

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