Crawfish, Aliens, and Pink Eyes

November 6, 2008

This has been one heck of a week...the election, the plague, and birthday preparations. The election: what a great time to be an American! The plague: nasty stomach bug for me and pink eye for the kids (trying to convince myself my eyes aren't itching). We had to wait for two hours yesterday to be seen by a doctor for two seconds who prescribed eye drops four times a day...that's two drops in two sets of eyes belonging to two very wriggly kids. And I don't even have the strength right now to describe our mandatory grocery trip after all that waiting in the doctor's office. All I can say is THANK YOU to my mom and my aunt who swooped in to take care of all of us this week. And thank you to Lisa who sent a very nice surprise...a little care package all the way from Japan.

And in the midst of this week, there has been some very important birthday prep. Noah and I have been collaborating on two very special gifts for Camille. That means I have chosen to ignore the dirty dishes and feed my kids oatmeal (Sarah and Karen, I can't do it all and I won't pretend that I do!). So here's a proud mama showing off her monkey boy's hard work:

The Crawfish and The Alien

It started with the t-shirt. Noah made the drawing and I did the embroidery. Notice the letter "C" in the center for Camille and crawfish? and the alien in the crawfish neck? And then a story emerged and he decided to turn it into a book. Here's the story: "One day a crawfish swallowed an alien. The alien escaped. He invited the crawfish to ride on his spaceship. The spaceship sailed away into the night sky.They played and played like on a cruise ship. They lived happily ever after. The End".
craftymama said...

i love love love that t-shirt!! so great. i'm gonna steal the idea

i will write to you later tonight when i have more time. while the baby is sleeping i am going to try to clear the piles of crap off of my sewing table so i can maybe make something sometime in the future!

Cami said...

Well, that was very nice of the alien after being eaten! Very cute.

Mom said...

Fabulous art work and literature! Brooke and I were so impressed with Noah's reading today on Skype. We can't wait for your visit.

Karen said...

Lizzie has the same bunny and LOVES it! I've been meaning to ask, do you have the book, The Beignet that Almost Got Away? M loves it!!- (As an aside, I think you are amazing- doing it all or not!! Truly, I have so much respect for how connected you are with your children. And, for how well you are coping right now. In the last 10 days we had so many things go wrong (including Pink Eye for ME!) that I was almost in tears when C came home late last night!) Buon Compleanno to Camille! K

Lynnie said...

What a great shirt! My kids would love to turn their drawings into apparel! Now that I think of it, I would actually love an adult wardrobe adorned here and there with their artwork, too. What an easy way to do it! (Or at least I can say "easy" having not attempted it yet!)

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