November List

November 12, 2008

So here is another rambling list of random thoughts and links:

1) One of the most unique and disturbing craft sites I have ever seen. The turkey and the menorah are "interesting" but I don't think we'll be attempting those anytime soon. I think we'll try this or this instead.

2) Bookswim. Like netflix for books. When I first heard about this idea from my on-line book club, I thought it was a crazy idea. Why not just use the public library system? But with our recent overseas news, I quickly remembered the pain of not having access to a good library system. I can see how this would work well for those living overseas or in more rural areas.

3) One of the books that is helping me out of my reading slump: "Fortune Cookie Chronicles". Fascinating read about American-Chinese food. Seriously entertaining. Everything from the American invention of the fortune cookie and General Tso's Chicken to the impact on state lotteries. And did you know there are more Chinese restaurants in the States than all of the fast food restaurants combined?!

4) Cleaning swap. I think the most fun and the most productive I have ever been in regards to cleaning was the summer I worked on a ranch in Colorado. One of my jobs there was to clean cabins and I surprisingly enjoyed it. Much easier to clean up someone else's stuff than my own. Is that a weird confession? But I think it would work with organizing and cleaning. I could be so much more productive if I was cleaning out someone else's closets instead of my own. I wouldn't stop to get sentimental or distracted with someone else's clutter. So instead of that crazy wife swap show, I think there should be a cleaning swap. You clean my crap, I'll clean yours.

5) Land of Nod Podcasts. I have been meaning to post about this for awhile. Some of our favorite kids/family musicians and writers reading/playing and talking about their work on free podcasts. Great for car trips or those rainy afternoons around the kitchen table. The Land of Nod website is our favorite place to get kids' music (also our favorite place for sending musical gifts). I also love the reviews from Zoogobble (both on the Nod site and on his blog).
South of Rome said...

Ohhhh a book netflix?? That would be great.. I'm surfing over right now!

holly said...

that "disturbing" craft site was hilarious! I sent it to a friend and I know it will maker her day.

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