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November 5, 2008

Calling all crafty, creative, generous, and loving mamas to action...I just discovered that one of my favorite bloggers is starting a new endeavor called Mama to Mama. The first project is one that struck a real chord with me. Caps for newborns in Haiti. My own mama spent a good part of her childhood in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I grew up hearing her magical and sometimes sad stories about that divided island. My mom and her sisters are now sharing those stories with my children. And so that island continues to be a part of our family.

I have always wanted to visit and do something to help. Adam and I have talked about trying to do some sort of doctor/social worker trip but the timing just hasn't been right. Baby caps aren't quite the same as a medical mission trip, but they are a good start. And one that feels just right for now. It's a project that is simple and quick (there are detailed directions and pattern on the website). But even more importantly it's a project with meaning.

I can still remember Noah's newborn caps...those tiny, stretchy little caps that kept him warm and cuddly during a dreary Northwest winter. And I also remember those intense feelings of new motherhood...the overwhelming love, fear, and desire to do everything possible for him. Tiny newborn caps have a lot of meaning to me and now there is a new layer of meaning. The sad reality in Haiti is this:
  • Just 1 in 5 women receives skilled medical care during childbirth.
  • Haiti has the highest maternal mortality ratio in the Western Hemisphere.
  • 1 in 40 women will die as a result of pregnancy complications, unsafe abortion, or obstetrical emergency.
  • Twelve percent of children die before the age of 5.
Mama to Mama is collecting homemade caps for Konbit Sante which is assembling safe birthing kits for distribution throughout Haiti. I hope you will join me in making some baby caps and if you aren't able to make caps, please spread the word about this meaningful project. The deadline is December 10th, 2008.
craftymama said...

just checked out the Mama to Mama project- will definitely make some hats. I love SouleMama, but the past few months (well, after she announced she's pregnant with her 4th)(and has written 2 books, started this new project, writes an amazingly popular blog) i find the blog makes me feel inadequate rather than inspired! As much as a 4th baby appeals to me, my 3rd nearly put us over the edge- I know I couldn't handle it (with grace at least!). I feel so downtrodden at times with all the household stuff- rarely have time to make anything/be creative, felt like I wasn't being a good enough homeschool teacher (so we stopped this year, but only partly for that reason) and i don't understand how Amanda's life seems to be so golden. Does she have childcare? Only needs 4 hours of sleep a night? I have been wanting to blog about this but don't quite know how. Are these types of blogs we write and read setting the bar too high for ourselves and others? Sorry to unload here, but it's been on my mind...!!
On the upside, I am so incredibly happy about Obama's victory. We were watching the speech on BET last night, and the commentator said "There is our black president, with his black wife, and black children!" So amazing. And it finally feels like the US could be "my" country again. These last 8 years i have felt so much more at home in Canada.
And, the robot arms were fine. They were "screwed" in to the cardboard box body.
PS- sorry so long- should've emailed you instead...

The Solley Six said...

I'm totally in for at least 6 caps. Thanks for leading me there.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Sarah, you are not alone in your thoughts/questions...maybe we should start some kind of "let it all hang out" posts...I also go through periods of feeling inadequate and overwhelmed (and don't get me started on clutter again). I'll e-mail you later today.

Angie, I knew you would be in for the baby caps! Miss you guys and think of you whenever we add coins to our Turkey jar.

Karen said...

I've never been to Haiti, but I did spend time in the Dom Rep. I'm not sure I can commit to caps by Dec 10th though!! This does sound great so I will be spreading the word to my friends who might be able to help.

But, I did want to reply to the first commenter- thank you!!! My goodness but it is all too much! Honestly, I have been feeling so overwhelmed by everything I feel I 'should' be doing. How on earth do these people keep up? I know some out there think I'm doing it all, but trust me, I am soooo not! I can barely get a home cooked meal on the table and write a blog entry in the same day! And forget about a clean house. Dusting? Toilets? Right.... I'm scared to think how I'll function back in 'the real world' when we have to move back to the US. How do people function with kids and a job?? When do you find time for crafts? photos? daydreaming? down time? As it is, just writing this comment I have one ear perched towards the door to hear if M is coloring on the paper or the wall! I'm sure I'll 'pay' for this (checking your blog)-- that is the next 15 minutes will be spent scrubbing marker off the faux painted walls... ahh well... thanks for the vent. C comes home today so I'm thankful for that. I just don't know how you do it with Adam gone!!! I think about you all all the time. -- K

holly b said...

this is a great thing. I knew a lot of Haitian's in New Jersey where I did some missionary work for my church. Some of the stories are so sad, but they are resilient despite it all. I have a lot of receiving blankets I'd love to re-purpose like this. thanks for posting!

(oh, and I'm so with the not part of the overachieving mom thing. thus the lack of blogging!)

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