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October 5, 2008

This is becoming quite a dominant theme lately. First of all, I have to make a correction to my last post about cleaning: vomit is an even bigger motivator than house guests! Yes, I spent today cleaning all sorts of stuff because poor Noah has caught a nasty bug. And the thought of of us all getting a stomach bug has whipped me into shape. So there is a positive side of vomit but that never seems to get mentioned in any of the organizational books or websites out there. Forget the professional organizers, the cleaning lady, the fancy cleaners... just give me some good old fashioned vomit (and what the heck throw in some urine ala potty training!) and I can suddenly get all of my floors mopped!
Tisra said...


Cami said...

Oh man. Sadly, the vomit/potty training tactic always leaves me so exhausted from doing laundry, that I just figure I'll good and clean my floors when it's all over and done with.

Anonymous said...

ICK. I had the potty training incident this morning. Ansley calls me in there to help wash her hands. I walk in there barefooted and gross...I step in 'wet'. I ask what it is, hoping against all hope, she spilled something. NOPE. It was pee-pee. She didn't quite make it to the potty. I guess she thought I wouldn't notice or perhaps, it'd be all right since she was washing her hands after all.


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