Happy Halloween

October 30, 2008

Yes, we know it isn't officially Halloween until tomorrow, but in this small Southern town tonight is the night for trick or treating...wouldn't want to interfere with the high school football schedule! So we will dress up and we will beg for even more candy. It is a strange holiday, isn't it? We have all consumed way too much candy already this week, but this year I am just letting it happen. In years past I dreaded this week of over indulgence, excessive sugar, and whining for more. I tried to limit or hide the wicked stuff, but this year is different in many ways so I am just allowing it to be what it is...and I am making sure I get some of the good stuff, too. We have already been to four Halloween parties and still have two more before the end of the week. Again a sign that things are different this year. I don't usually overschedule us for things, but the kids are loving all of this activity and fun so we are rolling with it. And by Halloween night I am sure we will all be crashed out in sugar comas and craving vegetables. Hope you all have a great Halloween!
South of Rome said...

We're TNTing tonight too! There's the big base Halloween party tomorrow night so they moved TNTing to tonight. It's actually nice the kids get to wear the costumes more than once.. Although, M will get to wear his for Carnivale too! So that's a bonus. Have fun! K

Cami said...

No way, they changed Halloween instead of the game? Crazy times.

My Heart Beats In China said...

Hello and thanks so much for stopping by. Your little "pumpkins" are so cute! Hope you had a great Halloween.
Yes I agree, meeting families with similar mix'd cultures is very nice. I should have called my blog, "Lox is basically Sushi"!
Love has no boundries...my moto!


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